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Not all lending providers offer equal benefits. We’ve compared our offering against what you get from a Bank or Broker, so you can see how the features really start to add up.

Naturally, we’re a little biased in our comparison which we hope you’ll forgive us for. We have used broad generalisations for our comparisons which may not be accurate for every individual or entity. This chart covers some of the main reasons why so many of our clients are successful in reducing their debt.


Sara B

We have been with NZHL for over 12 years and would highly recommend this form of mortgage management. Once we understood how NZ Home Loans worked we made it work for us and paid off a majority of our debt within 2 years – 24 years faster than with ourRead More

Compare NZHL
Competitive interest rates

Can submit your application to more than one lender

One point of contact

Not usually
Free on-going support for the lifetime of your loan

Guaranteed service level agreement

Able to offer insurance products if required

Helps you reduce your debt

Can but usually doesn't