Your summer reading sorted – Top 5 NZ Personal Finance Blogs

  • Emily Doran
  • 12th of January 2018
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Summer holidays is a great time to catch up on all the things one never gets to do during the rest of the year, like reading. Here are my top five picks for the best NZ personal finance blogs.


We love the Sorted blog. It’s run by the Commission for Financial Capability and is independent and impartial with loads of information for ordinary Kiwis about their personal finances. They have articles like, Gone spear Phising, How to check your credit rating and Pay later options can stretch you too thin. As well the site has lots of free tools to help with budgeting, home buying and tackling debt.



The Happy Saver
Ruth lives in Central Otago runs the Happy Saver blog where she writes about her personal finance journey in NZ. She talks about things like How to rock a good spreadsheet and  Presence NOT Presents. Infact, we loved her work so much that she’s now a regular guest blogger on our site, here’s the first blog she wrote for us: Goodbye Debt, Hello Life!



Money can buy me happiness
When the day is feeling a bit dreary its great to read Emmas blog about saving to travel. She’s on a quest for financial independence so that she can spend more time travelling with her family. Emma shares insights into her personal journey with posts like: 11 things I stopped buying to pay off debt and change my life, 5 simple ways to transform your finances in 2018 and How much does it cost to live in Spain?



NZ Muse
One of the first personal finance blogs in NZ and has a wealth of blog content to browse through including: 3 good reasons to negotiate your pay, Why it pays to do things the right way and Money is sexy, if only my 13 year old self had known that



Get FIRE’d asap
This guy lives in Aussie, but he’s a Kiwi so it stills counts as an NZ blog in my books. FIRE’d stands for Financial Independence and Retiring Early and the blog follows his journey doing just that. Posts include: Credit Cards – A Useful Financial Tool, or An Instrument of the Devil?  and Why the wrong choice of retirement fund could be costing you thousands



And a bonus number six… the NZHL blog 🙂

Some of our most popular posts of the last year include:


Happy Reading!


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