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Nikki Vercoe
Nikki Vercoe / Business Owner

Mobile: 021 343 199
Address: Level 3, 86 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052

No. 2 Sales

Less than a year as a client of New Zealand Home Loans was enough time to encourage Nikki to seek a more formal role with the company. Nikki holds a Bachelor’s degree in business management, had been a sales director in the IT industry but was attracted to NZHL by the combination of lifestyle opportunities and mentoring clients where she is now a business owner of NZHL Auckland Central.

Nikki lived in England and Ireland for a number of years before returning to New Zealand in 2001. Now a mother, she lives in Auckland and loves holidaying with family in the Coromandel.

Nikki’s leisure interests include wining and dining her husband, CrossFit, horse riding, motorsport, horse riding, reading and painting.

A disclosure statement is available on request at no charge by emailing me.

Here's why our clients enjoy our services

Shane H

Before meeting with Nikki & Deon at NZHL I had become accustomed to mediocre service from banks and lenders, only hearing from banks when the term of my loan was almost up. In the short time I have been with NZHL I have been impressed with the follow up, regularRead More

Chris R

I had been looking for an alternative to traditional bank mortgages when I came across NZHL. Nikki did an excellent job of explaining how NZHL loans work with the added bonus of debtnav. In the first year with NZHL I saved $2,500 in interest by having all my savings offsetRead More

Marietjie C

Being an NZHL customer has been really awesome for us. We have a plan and we get support and guidance with Nikki. Where other banks have call centres we have a one on one relationship; it’s easy getting in touch and the connection is always there. It’s been what weRead More

Nicky D

Moving my home loan to NZ Home Loans has been hugely beneficial for me. The offset lending model gives me an incentive to manage my finances and monitor my mortgage in a hands-on way I never did before. The debtnav system has also been very helpful in setting and managingRead More

Hina D

I have had a wonderful and valuable experience with  NZHL. I first heard about them through one of my colleagues in 2014. I researched about NZHL and set up a meeting with them. They were very engaging and explained in detail how the loan structure would work. The main highlights forRead More


Nikki is always an absolute delight to deal with. Her sincere desire to help her clients achieve their goals and pay down debt faster, is something not easy to come by in this line of work. I know that anyone I recommend Nikki to will be completely looked after. SheRead More

Katie & Jo

Thanks very much for your time today Nikki. We do feel very lucky to have you supporting us and helping us manage our mortgages!

Marietta S

I had been a loyal customer to my bank for 13 years but the only interaction with them was through the call centre. During my transition towards NZHL, my bank asked me why I was switching. I advised them that Nikki from NZHL makes me feel special and tailors theirRead More

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