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Originally from the UK, Ash and his wife Jo immigrated to New Zealand in 2004 and settled close to the golf courses and beaches of the Hibiscus Coast where they still reside today.

Ash spent most of his working life in various roles within the aviation sector, ensuring people could reach their destination on time and safely.

Working within the industry, Ash knew that even the smallest mistake could be detrimental. It gave him a thorough understanding of just how important it was to be accurate so he could mitigate risk.

The same analogy can be applied to the biggest investment of most people’s lives, your home loan.

Ash loves helping people realise their dreams and by using the NZHL philosophy, would relish the opportunity to show you how. Through structuring your loan and managing risk correctly you can reach your mortgage-free destination ahead of schedule and safely.

Disclosure statements are available upon request at no charge by emailing me.

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Ash Davies

New Business Consultant

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Physical Address:

Unit 1B, Polarity Rise, Silverdale 0932

Phone: 09 426 8868

Mobile: 021 747 118

Email: [email protected]

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