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Robyn joined NZHL early in 2021, she brings enthusiasm and passion for seeing people achieve financial freedom through NZHL’s unique system. Robyn holds the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5). Robyn grew up in Rotorua and along with her husband is the owner of a small roofing business she also has personal experience with buying and selling property and understands the emotional connection that comes from feeling in control of your finances.

Robyn booked an appointment with NZHL when her friend recommended her to do so and was keen to learn how NZHL differed from the main banks.  When she was shown the benefits of how NZHL can cut years off your mortgage, she jumped on board.  Robyn really enjoyed the service and team approach that she received from NZHL Rotorua and when the opportunity came about to be part of the team, she couldn’t wait to be able to help other people achieve financial freedom.

In previous years Robyn has worked and studied in the Real Estate industry which provides insight and knowledge around the process of buying and selling.  In her spare time, Robyn enjoys watching her son play sports, going on outdoor adventures with her dogs and spending quality time with family.

A disclosure statement is available on request at no charge by emailing me.

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Robyn Forbes

Client Servicing Consultant

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Physical Address:

74 Kaimanawa Street, Taupō

Phone: 07 376 5028

Mobile: 0800 466 477

Email: [email protected]

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