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The Wellington Business Development Centre was established in 2006 with the key role being the recruitment and training of consultants who then progress to become Business Owners. Even once they become Business Owners there is on-going mentoring of them as they build their business and take on their own staff.

Mike Keehan with his extensive finance industry and New Zealand Home Loans experience, has been very successful in guiding the consultants through the process and many of the franchises can trace their roots back to their time at the Wellington BDC.

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Clinton and NZHL have ripped 22 years off our mortgage, consolidated all our debt, and painlessly helped us change our lives for the better. Thanks Clinton Mike and NZHL Debtnav ROCKS!

Chris & Bridget

Myself and my wife were told about NZHL through a good biking friend. He put us onto Clinton and said, “just have a chat, no obligations with him”. So we did just that. He took us through the whole NZHL process and laid it out all clearly for us toRead More

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