Celebrating 25 Years of NZHL

How NZHL began

Recently, Gary Spratt, NZHL’s first local business owner, caught up with founder – John Erkkila in Queenstown, here’s the story of how NZHL started as told by John.

After running an insurance brokerage, NZHL founder, John Erkkila went through a personal strategic plan process which he says was life-changing and gave him absolute clarity. Ultimately this process led him to consider how most New Zealanders had big loans and were trying to work out what to do about it.

Hence, the high touch service model of NZHL was born in 1996, in partnership with co-founder Murray Ferguson, to give New Zealander’s an alternative to dealing directly with the banks.

“Over the next wee while, we worked out how we could help people to use the banking system to save money, “says John. “Which is where we came up with the concept of putting money into your home loan account to reduce your daily interest costs.”

And, while John admits that the early days were exhausting, he says, “While it takes a lot to build a network, it’s enormously satisfying.”

And while he is no longer part of the company, John shares a heartfelt message to NZHL as they celebrate 25 years.

“Thank you, thank you very, very much, for the joy you’ve given me in what you’ve been able to achieve. I really respect and thank you for that.

Happy Birthday, NZHL is still a big part of my life.”

NZHL Today 

From one office in Wellington to over 70 offices nationwide, it’s fair to say NZHL has grown significantly over its 25 years’ operating.

With a passionately Kiwi network of more than 280 nationwide and a $6 billion loan book, NZHL is now helping more than 22,000 clients – everyday Kiwis – on their journey towards financial freedom faster. In fact, collectively, NZHL clients enjoy saving tens of millions of dollars in interest costs each year.

However, what makes NZHL unique is their passionately kiwi, passionately local approach where their clients (and their achievements) are at the centre of the organisation.

NZHL CEO Aaron Skilton says, “We haven’t grown to the size we are now by mistake. This business has been built on the hard work of all of those in the NZHL franchise business and the vision and forethought of our founders.

I’m incredibly proud to be part of this iconic kiwi business making a difference to the lives of Kiwis every day.”

Where to next

While there is undoubtedly uncertainty within the New Zealand housing market, particularly with home loan lenders, NZHL founder John Erkkila is heartened and says, “If there were ever an opportunity for NZHL, it’s right now”.

And when addressing home loan borrowers, he advises, ‘If you’re going to achieve something in life, you need a plan, it’s as simple as that.

These are changing circumstances, so you need to reassess that plan.

It’s time to knuckle in, see your NZHL consultant, refresh your plan, and you will survive and grow out of this incredibly dynamic time.”

As for the team within NZHL, the focus remains on their clients and helping them navigate through the changing environment to ultimately make the most of their mortgage.

NZHL $25,000* Birthday Boost

To celebrate their quarter of a century milestone and say a big thank you for choosing to work with them, NZHL is helping five clients achieve financial freedom faster with a $25,000* Birthday Boost!

The $25,000 prize draw will be split into five prizes – $10,000, $5,000, $5,000, $2,500 and $2,500. The five lucky winners will have their allocated prize* paid towards their home loan or as agreed upon with their NZHL consultant.

To enter, clients simply need to record a 1-minute video about their experience working with NZHL and submit their entry here – https://engage.nzhl.co.nz/birthday-boost.

* The $25,000 total prize draw will split into 5 prizes as follows; $10,000, $5,000, $5,000, $2,500 and $2,500. Entries are valid for existing NZHL clients only; business owners and employees of NZHL and their immediate families are not eligible to enter. Entries close at 11:59 pm, Wednesday, 15 December. Prizes will be randomly selected on Thursday, 16 December. The prizes will be paid against the winner’s home loan or as agreed upon with their NZHL consultant. For more information, refer to our Terms & Conditions – Terms & Conditions – $25,000* Birthday Boost | NZHL.