About NZHL

We offer personalised service and continuous coaching to help you build, and stick to, a financial plan that works for you. Our service comes with a smart home loan and insurance structure to make the most of your income and savings, reducing the interest you pay and the life of your loan. We provide you with a special tool to help you plan, monitor and review, so you can stay in control of your finances.

About Akahu


Akahu is New Zealand’s open finance platform. NZHL uses Akahu (a New Zealand company) to provide your NZHL Adviser with your data (as set out below).

Akahu’s one-off account connectivity allows us to fetch your transaction data and bank statements from your connected bank accounts as a point-in-time snapshot, for the purposes of assessing your financial position – which may make it easier for you and NZHL to gather information for your home loan and/or insurance application.

You do not have to provide data through Akahu – you can gather and provide the required data to NZHL manually. NZHL aims to ensure that all options allow customers to share their financial information securely and accurately.

If you choose to provide data through Akahu, you will need to agree to Akahu’s terms of use and provide your consent. Below is a description of the data that we need to access.

What data does NZHL collect through Akahu? (“data”)

  • Bank account expense transactions for the last 90 days
  • Bank statements for the last 90 days.

NZHL will primarily use your data for the purposes of your home loan application and in accordance with NZHL’s privacy policy (which can be found at https://nzhl.co.nz/privacy-policy-2023/).

We recommend you read Akahu’s privacy notice (which can be found at https://www.akahu.nz/privacy-notice-oneoff-consent) to understand what information is collected by Akahu, and how it will process your data.

How does Akahu actually work?

Akahu provides a simple way to connect your bank account data to NZHL. With your consent, Akahu will log in to your chosen bank accounts and fetch the information we need to create your home loan application.

Who can use Akahu?

  • Customers who bank with: ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank, and Westpac can connect via Akahu.
  • You’ll need the login details to the relevant bank account.

Find out more about Akahu here.