Life Insurance

Life insurance could offer crucial financial support in the unfortunate event of death or terminal illness. It’s about sensibly planning ahead to protect those you may leave behind.

Reducing Life Cover

Reducing Life Cover protects your home loan for the term of the loan, reducing each year at a similar rate as your mortgage principal. It’s a smart way of ensuring your home is there for the family, even if you can’t be.

Reducing Life Cover is unique to NZHL and has been designed to reflect your DebtNav (NZHL’s online mortgage monitoring tool), balance.

Life Cover

Life Cover is all about protecting those you may leave behind. It is designed to provide a lump sum in the event of death or terminal illness. Life cover is often used to cover debt, ongoing family costs and funeral requirements. With help from NZHL, the policy holder can structure their cover to suit their family’s needs.

As NZHL Pukekohe Business Owner John Van Winden says: “I know we all think we are bulletproof, but what if?”.

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