Client Stories

Listen to a few of our clients talk about how NZHL has helped them get on track to financial freedom faster - from shaving years off their mortgage with smart home structures to protection where it matters the most with tailored insurance.

Joe & Stuart - NZHL Customers

Meet Jo & Stuart

Wished they’d switched to NZHL sooner

Watch how NZHL helped enable Jo and Stuart build their dream home and also assisted in a time of need.

Jacqui & Raoul - NZHL Customers

Jacqui & Raoul

Love being able to plan to reach their financial goals

Watch how NZHL helped Jacqui and Raoul into and beyond the milestone of their first home.

Chris & Rebecca - NZHL customers with their child

Meet Chris & Rebecca

Renovated sooner than expected

Watch how much Chris and Rebecca have been able to achieve since switching to NZHL and restructuring their mortgage, including a massive renovation while on one income.

Billy and Amelia - NZHL Customers

Meet Billy & Amelia

On track to reduce their mortgage term by 18 years

Watch how NZHL has helped Billy & Amelia fulfil their investment property goals while still having a parent at home with the kids.

Angela & Stephen - NZHL Customers

Meet Angela & Stephen

Transformed their personal and business finances

Watch how NZHL helped Angela and Stephen significantly reduce their household debt, allowing them to better focus on their business.

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