Our clients are currently saving over $30m in interest* that they'd otherwise be paying to the bank.

At NZHL we believe that it’s not the rate that you pay, but the rate you pay it off  that will make the biggest difference to reducing your mortgage. You can’t control the interest rates available, but you can control the structure of your home loan and the amount you repay off your loan. Our competitive interest rates can vary daily and may depend on things such as;

  • how much equity/deposit you have,
  • the type/purpose of the property and
  • the overall economic climate.

To find out which rates are relevant to you contact your consultant or if you’d like to find out more about how you could save money and cut years off your home loan contact us using the form on this page.

Interest Rates vs Structure - which saves more?

Find out how, with the right structure and little bit of know-how you could save thousands in interest on your home loan

*Figure based on actual balances of current clients at the current NZHL floating rate and correct as at 31/03/2020   Default interest rate – If at any time the amount owing under your home loan exceeds the agreed account limit. The interest will be calculated daily on the amount in excess of the agreed limit or agreed reducing facility limit, at the facility’s applicable interest rate plus 5.00% p.a. until paid in full and will be charged on the normal installment due date.