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Becky was Born in Wales (The land of the Dragons) and made the move to New Zealand (The land of the Long White Cloud) back in 1995, where she discovered her love of money, spending it, saving it and watching it grow, she even spent time at Uni studying it!

Becky has spent the last 20 years in finance with jobs including- Customer Service, Lending Officer and Management Roles.

Buying her first home at a young age, she understands the buying and selling process that can often seem like a Possum in headlights!

Making the move to NZHL is the best move she has made allowing Becky to help People not only get into their first homes earlier but to help them repay their debt faster!


Financial Freedom. Faster.

Becky Woolston


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Physical Address:

Unit a/4 Antares Place, Rosedale, Auckland 0632

Phone: 027 838 6373

Email: [email protected]

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