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Georgia has been in Administration for over 11 years, having worked in Melbourne, London and her home town of Sydney. Georgia worked in the Cyber Security sector but decided she needed a change and made the move to Christchurch with her partner, where she was given an exciting new opportunity to join the NZHL Mandeville team. Georgia is a fast and eager learner, who can’t wait to expand her knowledge of the finance industry and as the front of the house, she is excited to encounter each and every one of our client’s journey to financial freedom faster.

In her spare time, Georgia loves both watching and playing sports and has just started to train for her first half marathon, which she will be running in Queenstown. She is also looking forward to exploring beautiful New Zealand, having ever only visited once before her move.


Financial Freedom. Faster.

Georgia Peterson


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Physical Address:

45 Mandeville Street, Riccarton, Christchurch


Email: [email protected]

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