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Mark joined NZHL in July 2023. Mark brings with him a real passion for helping people achieve their goals. As a strong team leader in corporate business, he is a believer in the power of planning and the joy of achievement. Mark approaches everything he does with enthusiasm and believes that with real focus and drive, many things are possible.

Mark has run his own business for many years and understands the need and the benefit of proper planning. He is also very aware of the importance of having a good team around you to help keep you focused and accountable. In recent years, Mark has worked in the new home construction industry so he is very skilled at working with people who have a vision and helping them bring this vision to life.

In his spare time, Mark can often be found at an airstrip getting ready to fly a glider. You might also see him on his motorbike or walking through a forest with his wife, making the most of any sunny weekend.

A disclosure statement is available on request at no charge by emailing me.

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Mark Hemmings

New Business Consultant

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Physical Address:

74 Kaimanawa Street, Taupō

Phone: 0800 466 477

Mobile: 027 433 1171

Email: [email protected]

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