Welcome Home Loan


The hardest part of buying a first home is often getting together the deposit. The Welcome Home Loan helps you get into  your first home by reducing the deposit requirement to just 10% for first time buyers.

To qualify for a Welcome Home Loan, you must:
  • Be a first time buyer
  • Live in the house you are buying
  • Have a minimum 10% deposit
  • Be able to meet the loan repayments
  • Have a total income (before tax) of no more than $85,000 a year for individual borrowers or $130,000 a year if there are two or more borrowers
  • Be a permanent New Zealand resident or citizen
  • You will need to pay a Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI) premium of 1% of the loan account


Deposits can be gifted and you may also qualify to use your KiwiSaver savings for your deposit through a KiwiSaver Deposit Subsidy or KiwiSaver Savings Withdrawal


How much you can borrow for a Welcome Home Loan depends on where you live and varies by region. Visit the Welcome Home Loan website for full details. For more information and to find out if you qualify book an appointment to have a chat with one of our qualified team.