Your Health

While progress in modern medicine has reduced the likelihood of death after a serious illness, survivors are faced with the financial impact of additional medical costs and lost income during their recover.

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance gives you options. Our public health system only provides immediate care in an emergency. For other health problems, even serious ones like a heart condition, you could face waiting lists.

Waiting may mean;

  • Your condition could get worse
  • You may suffer pain and discomfort
  • You may not be able to work

Private Medical Insurance can:

  • pay for the cost of major hospital and surgical procedures
  • allow you to receive the treatment as soon as it is required, so you can plan it around your family schedule
  • mean you avoid public health waiting lists, having to wait while your illness gets worse, and the financial consequences if you are off work and waiting for treatment.
  • give you the option of seeking treatment with your preferred provider
  • cover the costs of private hospital surgical treatment, non-surgical treatment and specialist fees and tests with hospitalisation
Trauma Insurance

If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, the last thing you want to be worrying about is money. You can remove the financial pressure with Trauma Insurance which pays you out a lump sum should you suffer from one of the extensive range of events and illnesses covered.

Trauma Insurance can:

  • protect you from becoming financially crippled after a serious illness and helps with your family’s financial survival
  • pay you a lump sum should you suffer from one of the extensive range of events and illnesses covers – these include: Cancer, Heart Attack, Heart Bypass, Stroke and Kidney Failure
  • give you the financial freedom to allow a loved one to take time off work to look after you during your illness
  • give you time to recover from your illness
  • provide you with options for the future – thanks to modern medicine many people survive serious illness but this may mean a reduced working capacity and significant lifestyle changes and costs
  • also protect your children against serious illness, providing funds to assist with their care and associated expenses – allowing you to concentrate on their needs, not just paying the bills.