NZHL Continues Proud Partnership with XRACE for 2023

NZHL XRACE is a family event series where parent and child race together to complete mystery challenges – think everything from dance sequences to double sack races and memory games!

It hits right at the heart of who we are as a company – passionately Kiwi, national and regional, and all about better outcomes for New Zealanders.

Every year our local business owners, their families, and teams join the XRACE crew to set up the events across the country, we run BBQs for charity, bike (and this year Weber BBQ) giveaways, and provide the Spirit of XRACE awards.

But our involvement with XRACE is more than a sponsorship, for NZHL, it’s about supporting something that brings happiness and positivity to families in our local communities.

And that feels not good, but GREAT.

We’ve been proud sponsors of XRACE for eight years or over 70% of the event series’ existence!

Over the last few years, COVID has put a significant strain on our communities and the events industry which makes XRACE 2023 extra special! With that in mind, NZHL remains committed to XRACE and the delivery of its event programme – As long as XRACE can deliver a safe and compliant event and communities want it – then NZHL will do our best to support it.

If you have young people in your life – consider giving XRACE a go. You will be left smiling for days and we’d love to see you there.

NZHL XRACE 2023 runs from February through March from Northland to Timaru.


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