Tea with Tony | Episode 16 | August 2022

The highest inflation in 30 years, continued rising interest rates, and a negative economic outlook is bearing heavily on Kiwis as we struggle with Covid and the Flu. We need some sunshine, and one economist might have some to share, with cautious optimism (for the mid-long term). Tune in to get Tony’s view, and don’t forget to comment or add your questions below for us to put to Tony.

*Please note – Tony Alexander is an independent economist. His views are his own and not necessarily shared by NZHL or vice versa. Tea with Tony is brought to you by NZHL in a sponsored capacity.

Key Moments

02:03 Reasonably optimistic medium to long term
03:40 Determination to travel
04:19 Warning to businesses
05:00 The Kiwi Dollar
06:24 Has inflation peaked?
08:20 Will inflation have a long tail?
09:33 But what about interest rates?
09:57 The Impact of inflation above 3%
13:32 Interest rates, have they peaked?
15:42 Why are interest rates rising so quickly now?
16:42 The peak of the OCR
17:46 August OCR announcement
19:21 What does it add up to for borrowers?
21:07 Labour market dynamics
24:25 The housing market
28:41 Where will house prices land?