It was ‘The Vibe’ that sold it to me!

  • Ruth
  • 4th of December 2017
  • advice
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  • home loan
The Happy Saver

I’m assuming you are reading this because you have a house and that house has a mortgage attached to it?  There was that one time I assumed the giant storage rack I constructed outside would fit through my front door when it was complete…  Assumptions can sometimes lead to muck ups. So, tell me, what…

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How to have a holiday without breaking the bank

  • Georgina Yarranton
  • 28th of November 2017
  • advice
  • holiday
  • holidays
  • money saving tips

A holiday’s purpose is to serve as a recreational experience but sometimes the thought of how much it will cost can really take the fun out of it. Before planning your next holiday, think about these five tips for reining-in the budget so you can enjoy your time away!   Figure out what’s actually important…

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Post-election briefing – What will it mean for housing

  • Guest Contributor
  • 16th of November 2017
housing, home loan and mortgage market NZHL

The new Labour-NZ First-Green government has promised to make large scale changes to the housing market. There is a long list of policies. Some will be put in place quickly, others will take years to take effect. Right now, the biggest risk for the housing market is a slowdown in lending. Banks have become cautious…

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