3 Things adults don’t want to pay for but probably should

  • Georgina Yarranton
  • 5th of October 2016
  • debt
  • finances
  • insurance
  • kiwisaver

Some days you just don’t want to adult but you do it anyway because you have no other choice! Here are 3 things adults don’t want to pay for but, until you learn how to see into the future, it’s a good idea to consider investing in these insurance products: Contents Insurance Unless you live simply with just the…

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The value of you

  • Mike Columbus
  • 17th of February 2016
  • insurance

Why are our houses and cars insured more than ourselves? We New Zealanders have an interesting insurance mindset in what we often choose to insure and what we do not. Part of what I do is understanding people’s expenditures,  so some of what I review is insurances. I do not believe there is one single…

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Where is The Great Wall of China?

  • James Greene
  • 2nd of December 2015

Hitler once said “The greater the lie, the more people will believe it.” I’m not a fan of the fallen fuhrer. He ruined a perfectly good style of moustache (the Toothbrush moustache) for all who followed, and the name “Adolf” all but disappeared from German society by the early 50’s. Apparently it just wasn’t very…

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You Need vs I Need

  • James Greene
  • 8th of October 2015
  • life insurance

Last year the DVS man came to our house. A very nice chap of German origin, who would laugh jovially at the end of every sentence he spoke. “So you see, we are seeing many more children suffering from Asthma due to damp home, but that won’t be you, right? Hahahahaha” He didn’t seem phased…

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