Team NZHL Women Beyond Cancer…where it started. My Story.

  • Guest Contributor
  • 14th of February 2018
  • health
  • Women Beyond Cancer

It all started with an off hand conversation in the lobby of the Wanaka Event Centre. I was chatting with Adam Fairmaid (of GODZone team) who asked me if I had entered the 2018 race in Fiordland. I’d met Adam when I competed at Kaikora GODZone in 2014.  I gave him a million reasons why…

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Teaching Kids About Bank Robbers

  • Ruth
  • 30th of January 2018
  • Family
  • finances
  • financial literacy
  • Guest blogger
  • kids

Hey a huge well done to you!  Yes YOU! At some point in the more recent past you thought you would be bold and take control of your money.  What was one of the ways you went about it?  Yep, you let NZHL help you by giving you the tools to pay down your mortgage…

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Move on from post-holiday financial guilt

  • Georgina Yarranton
  • 23rd of January 2018
  • budget
  • debt reduction
  • home loan
  • mortgage
NZHL Home Loans, mortgages and insurance

If you’ve recently woken up thinking about how much you spent in December, you’re not alone. Leading up to the Christmas holidays, Kiwis’ spending surpassed the year before by 5%. Now that we’re getting back into our routines, it’s a good time to rein in our budgets for the year ahead. To help that financial…

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The hidden costs of free education

  • Emily Doran
  • 17th of January 2018
  • Family
  • kids
  • school
hidden costs of free education NZHL

Most parents with school age children will already know this, but as a parent with my first child heading off to school, I’m discovering that my daughters ‘free’ education is actually going to cost me a bit of money. For those, like me, who are new to the school system, here are some hidden costs…

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