Tea with Tony | Episode 11 | March 2022

As New Zealand’s Omicron cases spiral the Reserve Bank’s interest rate forecasts are on a similar trajectory. We’re hurting at the pump, the supermarket checkout and everywhere in between. But the housing market is finally flipping the trend, unemployment is at its lowest rate in history, and we’ve got a green light for our loved ones to come home, with tourism even now a possibility.

Are Kiwis part of a slow-moving car crash? Or are we driving the Volvo that with some decent personal driving skills might just bring us home safely – albeit with a nasty petrol bill, unless of course, you are driving a Government-subsidised Tesla? Tune in to get Tony’s view.

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Key moments:

00:00 Introduction
1:17 OCR & Inflation – what’s going on?
02:51 Interest rates – how high can they go?
05:53 OCR & Interest rates – how does one affect the other?
07:17 Fixed Interest Rates – what influences these?
11:06 Tightening Monetary Policy – how quickly could it be under control?
14:31 Population Changes – what does the data say?
18:28 CCCFA – what’s Tony’s view?

*Please note – Tony Alexander is an independent economist. His views are his own and not necessarily shared by NZHL or vice versa. Tea with Tony is brought to you by NZHL in a sponsored capacity.