Tea with Tony | Episode 15| July 2022

Things are starting to bite, and all at once. We’ve got rising interest rates, spiralling inflation, supply and labour shortages, house prices declining, consumer confidence tanking and on the flipside startlingly low rates of unemployment. Will this all add up to a recession? And positively can we bounce through as quickly as we bounced in? Tune in to get Tony’s view and don’t forget to comment or add your questions below for us to put to Tony.

*Please note – Tony Alexander is an independent economist. His views are his own and not necessarily shared by NZHL or vice versa. Tea with Tony is brought to you by NZHL in a sponsored capacity.

Key Moments:
06:16 – Is a recession now probable more than possible?
11:39 – Monetary Policy / Inflation and interest rates
14:13 – Housing/Construction & Supply