Tea with Tony | Episode 26 | July 2023

This month Tony gives us the latest on the housing market and interest rates, looks at our household consumption and gives a breakdown of the Commerce Commission’s bank investigation.

Plus, is it still a buyer’s market? 

Key Moments

  • 1:09 – The real estate market and interest rates
  • 4:35 – Tony’s latest survey findings
  • 6:38 – The housing market upside
  • 10:08 – Is it still a buyer’s market?
  • 11:33 – Property Listings
  • 13:02 – Household Spending
  • 14:19 – The Commerce Commission investigation


*Please note – Tony Alexander is an independent economist. His views are his own and not necessarily shared by NZHL or vice versa. Tea with Tony is brought to you by NZHL in a sponsored capacity.