Tea with Tony | Episode 9 | December 2021

In our final Tea with Tony segment for the year, we consider New Zealand’s ‘economic traffic light’. It’s red for inflation, red for interest rates and looking red red red for first home buyers. BUT for the first time, there are indications of the housing market turning. And overall Tony offers up a more positive outlook than you might be expecting.

Key Moments:

00:00 – Introduction
1:09 – The Housing Market
2:23 – Fewer First Home Buyers
2:48 – FOMO declining
3:53 – Key Drivers of Shift
4:57 – Credit Crunch
13:45 – Interest Rates
14:19 – Economic Outlook: Red, Orange or Green
16:35 – Biggest Risk
18:21 – What can we do?
21:43 – Auckland
25:34 – Boarders Opening
27:10 – Positive view for Northland, Queenstown, Christchurch…

*Please note – Tony Alexander is an independent economist. His views are his own and not necessarily shared by NZHL or vice versa. Tea with Tony is brought to you by NZHL in a sponsored capacity.