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Shiva Iyer


I was previously a part of NZHL for 3 months as an Intern working on New Business Development and Operations. I have now joined NZHL full-time as an Administrator with the Rodney team. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Business (Finance and Marketing) from Massey University. I also have a bachelor’s degree In Accounting and Finance. I grew to love finance and numbers as I am following in my dad’s footsteps.

I have lived in New Zealand for two years and look forward to exploring the country.  I am also curious to explore the financial services industry.  In my spare time you will find me working part time as a project co-ordinator for a start-up company or you will find me on the couch playing FIFA 19.

A disclosure statement is available on request at no charge by emailing me.

Physical Address:

Unit 1B, Polarity Rise, Silverdale 0932

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