How NZHL is Helping Kiwis Through Their Holiday Expenses

The holiday season is a time to celebrate, a time to connect with family, a time to enjoy New Zealand’s beautiful summer weather, and, unfortunately, a time to spend.

About a quarter of New Zealand adults went into debt last Christmas and not all of them have paid those debts, even as the next Christmas draws near.

Fortunately, NZHL can help. We provide more than just competitive home loans and insurance; we also offer personalised service and continuous coaching to provide a financial plan that works for your ever-changing lifestyle. Here’s how we can help you navigate the looming expenses of the holidays.

We help Kiwis plan ahead

Every year, NZHL works with clients to prepare their budgets for the season of giving. Our advice? Start preparing early. Accounting for the burden of gift shopping, holiday travel, and delicious feasts as early as possible will give you more time to plan and save. Of course, the best budgeting tool in your arsenal is your NZHL consultant!

When you partner with NZHL, you’ll enjoy personalised service and continuous coaching from a personal consultant who will stick with you throughout the life of your home loan. Using special tools like our DebtNav program to help you plan, monitor, and review your situation, we’ll work to keep you in control of your financial future.

By speaking to your NZHL consultant, we can help you break down your weekly spend and find areas where you can bring expenses down. We’ll track your day-by-day spending habits and help you put personal rules in place to save what you need to buy those ideal Christmas presents, and plan that perfect holiday getaway.

Often, we find that just a few simple lifestyle changes can have a major impact on people’s savings over time, and you can achieve plenty without completely eliminating the hobbies and habits you enjoy.

For example, we might find that those five weekly coffees could be cut back to two, getting your caffeine fix those remaining three days from the coffee machine at the office. That weekly takeout meal from Macca’s could be made cheaper with a few more items off the dollar menu. That supermarket bill that mysteriously ballooned to $50 when you only went in for a litre of milk could be avoided by buying that milk at the nearest petrol station. We’ve seen these minor changes add up to major savings for our clients, and we’ll use that experience to help you think about your finances in new ways.

DebtNav helps you make informed decisions

DebtNav is NZHL’s unique and visual online tool to track your progress as you work towards financial freedom. By establishing your take-home income and average monthly expenses, we can help you plan to reach new goals, such as a new car, a top-up on your mortgage, and, of course, a generous and festive holiday season. With DebtNav, you’ll see the impact that these goals will have on your finances, helping you make informed decisions and adapt your plans to continue working for you.

We help you build a strategy to climb out of holiday debts

Unfortunately, holiday budgets sometimes get away from us. At NZHL, we’ve helped clients regain control of their finances when Christmas and New Years gave way to a nasty credit card balance. Using DebtNav, we can create a more manageable plan to help you overcome credit card debt. DebtNav helps us visualise your financial situation by determining your average monthly spend and savings, so we can see how many months you’ll need to pay down your debt—or how thin you need to spread your debt to cover it with your average monthly surplus—and whether you’ll have the income to keep pace with the interest on your card.

If there’s simply no way for you to pay off your credit card debt, we can consider a top-up for your mortgage on a 12-month term. Mortgage interest rates are usually lower than for credit cards, and we can then add your debt to our Smart Home Loan Structure to help you reduce daily interest costs and make the most of your income and savings.

NZHL keeps you in control

At NZHL, your financial freedom is our highest priority. That’s why we stick with you throughout the life of your mortgage to help you remain in control of your financial future. Work with a home loans provider that cares. Find an NZHL office near you today.