Why NZHL Works So Well for First Time Buyers

Buying your first home, can be both challenging and exciting, what it shouldn’t be is daunting!

At NZHL we work hand in hand with first home buyers, providing support and guidance, to help you get set up properly from the outset, all with the intention of creating better outcomes for you later on.

NZHL also offers Kainga Ora first home loan, meaning you could be in the game, even with just a 5% deposit.

Here’s how:

Personalised support & continuous coaching

We say, challenging should be ok for first home buyers, but daunting not so much!

NZHL is all about helping you stay away from the latter through offering personalised support with continuous coaching that runs beyond the signing of your loan documents.  We’re a passionately Kiwi organisation (100% New Zealand owned) and our whole premise is built around the idea of personalised service contributing to financial freedom, faster for Kiwi’s.

That means with our more than 70 offices nationwide, we do things a bit differently.  We will work with you to tailor your new mortgage structure to suit your needs, and then we will be there for you for the life of your loan.  Yes, that means you get regular reviews and check-ins to help you stay on track.

A smart home loan structure

Your mortgage structure matters, now and later on.

There are gains to be made by structuring your home loan differently, and in a way that positively makes use of the money you have available to you on a daily basis.

At NZHL we call it our smart home loan structure, and while we tailor it to suit the individual, essentially, it’s all about using your income and savings to offset the interest you pay, which in the long term can reduce the life of your loan.  Sometimes considerably.

For first home buyers this is particularly relevant when you could be looking at the possibility of reducing that 20- or 30-year mortgage term.  It’s actually not unusual for NZHL clients to pay off their home loans 10 years sooner!

Kainga Ora first home loan

NZHL is among a limited list of providers that proudly offers the Kainga Ora First Home Loan, which can help you start your mortgage journey with as little as a 5% deposit.   As you’d expect there are eligibility requirements and income and house price caps in place for Kainga Ora First Home Loan.

We’d recommend having a look at the criteria and touching base with NZHL for further assistance.  And remember even if you don’t qualify, we might be able to help set you on the right path, we often find that first home buyers will make contact, get some advice, and then circle back around in time when they have what they need in place to make that all important first purchase!

Let NZHL get to work for you

As you commit to your first home, you should be excited about your future, not nervous about your finances. At NZHL, we work with you every step of the way to ensure your mortgage is working for you. Make your first home loan experience in NZ one to remember.

And finally if you’re not a first home buyer but are looking at changing mortgage providers in NZ, we’d be happy to help.  Our How You Could Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster blog might be worth a read!

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