Work – time for a change?

  • Ruth
  • 9th of October 2018

Have you ever dreaded Monday morning? Most of us have at some point. But have you ever dreaded it with every fibre of your being and even hated the thought of getting in the car on a Monday morning and heading to spend eight hours at a place you just didn’t want to be at?…

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Advice to my younger self

  • NZHL
  • 27th of September 2018
  • advice

During Money Week 2018 we asked people ‘what was the one piece of advice you’d love to go back and give your younger self about money’? We got some amazing responses, here are some of our favourites:   To save and go travel instead of wasting money on food and dresses – ruzanforrest Pay off…

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A Few Great Reads

  • Ruth
  • 31st of July 2018

Blogs are awesome, this I know, because I write my own BUT for me learning how to be better with money all started with books.  But if the thought of reading a book on money makes you want to yawn, well maybe it’s time to reset your thinking.  Authors know this is a potentially mind…

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Spending Reset

  • Ruth
  • 27th of June 2018
  • budgeting
  • finances
  • Saving
The Happy Saver

Where did all the money go? That is pretty much the question I ask myself on the last day of every month when I finish entering any last transactions into our family budget.  I am endlessly surprised at just how much money we spend and how much it costs to live in New Zealand.  We…

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