Sell the house and retire earlier?

  • Ruth
  • 28th of March 2018
  • retirement
The Happy Saver

I read with interest the article that Emily Doran wrote on the 14th of March about downsizing her house and I have to say a BIG UPS to Emily for thinking it through and then actually doing it, that is a very bold move.  The biggest issue with the move seemed to be lack of…

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Downsizing – a year down the track

  • Emily Doran
  • 14th of March 2018
  • downsizing

Over a year ago, while pregnant with our second child, we decided that instead of getting a bigger house to accommodate our growing family that instead it would be a good time to downsize our home. So, nearly a year and a half down the track, how has that decision gone for us? The answer…

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A mini break on a mini budget!

  • Ruth
  • 28th of February 2018
  • budget
  • finances
  • holidays

Have you ever found that dedication wains at some point?  Especially when you are paying off a mortgage over a period of many many many years?  You start out so motivated to knock this sucker off, you say NO to the extra Latte at the local cafe and to dinner’s out with friends and you…

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What is XRACE?

  • NZHL
  • 19th of February 2018
  • Family
  • kids

You may have seen us giving away free XRACE tickets or talking about XRACE on Facebook and thought to yourself, what on earth is XRACE? Sort of like The Amazing Race but for 250 teams at once, XRACE is a mystery adventure race made up of a parent and child. The duos race together side-by-side…

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