Helping your kids onto the property ladder

  • NZHL
  • 12th of April 2018
  • buying a home
  • Family
  • first home

As the prices of houses continues to rise, more and more these days parents and older families members are giving the younger generations a hand, to help them get onto the property ladder. If this is something you’re thinking about here are some options that you could consider;   Gifting money toward the deposit One…

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Sell the house and retire earlier?

  • Ruth
  • 28th of March 2018
  • retirement
The Happy Saver

I read with interest the article that Emily Doran wrote on the 14th of March about downsizing her house and I have to say a BIG UPS to Emily for thinking it through and then actually doing it, that is a very bold move.  The biggest issue with the move seemed to be lack of…

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Downsizing – a year down the track

  • Emily Doran
  • 14th of March 2018
  • downsizing

Over a year ago, while pregnant with our second child, we decided that instead of getting a bigger house to accommodate our growing family that instead it would be a good time to downsize our home. So, nearly a year and a half down the track, how has that decision gone for us? The answer…

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It was ‘The Vibe’ that sold it to me!

  • Ruth
  • 4th of December 2017
  • advice
  • home
  • home loan
The Happy Saver

I’m assuming you are reading this because you have a house and that house has a mortgage attached to it?  There was that one time I assumed the giant storage rack I constructed outside would fit through my front door when it was complete…  Assumptions can sometimes lead to muck ups. So, tell me, what…

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